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Unscramble Names

For those of us who live in Utah and have been members of the church for generations, we often come across a bunch of names that represent a spiders web more than a family tree. This often happens because many people are working on the same lines. Often someone with good intentions will come through and merge people that shouldn't be merged. Another common problem is many people add all their names into the database without searching to see if they are already there. These problems are especially true during the polygamy days.

Is this a problem? YES! Why? The biggest reason I see is that ordinances are being done in the temple that do not need to be done. Either because the relationships did not exist in the first place or because they are being duplicated.

I am currently charging $15-$20 per family for this service.

If you are interested in having me sort through your family tree and straighten everything out, email me at [email protected].